We make learning fun!

We commit ourselves to create a positive and supportive place for our students to feel welcome and to take risks. We know they want to learn. We will work with each individual to overcome their challenges and to help them achieve the results we desire!

Excelsior Online Education

Collaborative Partnerships

What sets us apart from the rest? We believe in building strong relationships with school districts, their campuses, and communities. We value open communication and working together to support student learning and growth. We actively involve parents in our process, establishing a foundation of trust and ensuring their child receives the maximum benefits and support from our program.

Excelsior Online Education

Why Excelsior Online Education?

Targeted Support

Our tailored one-on-one and small group sessions offer personalized support, targeting unique learning styles. Boost goals and confidence through SEL-focused instruction, alongside unlimited asynchronous Learning Pathway access. Learning never stops with Bridge the Gap!

Comprehensive Subjects

From any subject to any grade, our certified teachers cover it all! Math, reading, foreign languages, science, and college prep. Whether it’s homework or skill-building, we’ve got you covered

Results-Driven Approach

We take pride in our students’ success stories. Our tailored program boosts grades, builds confidence. Partnering with schools, we enhance performance, engagement, graduation—aligned with district objectives for academic excellence.