Why Bridge the Gap?

We can customize our program to fit your needs!

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our interventionists are all certified educators who have extensive experience teaching in the classroom and virtually. We maintain a stringent vetting process to ensure the quality and expertise of our teachers. This process includes background checks, verification of credentials, and assessment of their teaching ability. We also conduct regular performance evaluations and collect student and parent feedback to continually improve the instructional experience.

Can you provide references or success stories from other school districts that have used your services?

Absolutely! We have a portfolio of success stories and references from school districts that have utilized our services. We are proud of the partnerships we have with different schools around the country! We would be delighted to share these testimonials to showcase the impact these partnerships are making.

What subjects and grade levels do you cover in your program?

We offer academic assistance in a plethora of subjects ranging from kindergarten to college prep. Our comprehensive curriculum includes core subjects including Math, English and Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, as well as specialized subjects like Foreign Languages, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and more. Each student will be paired with a teacher credentialed in their area of need and grade level.

How do you ensure your interventionists are culturally connected to the diverse student populations in our country?

Cultural connection and responsiveness are fundamental aspects of our philosophy. We believe in supporting the whole child while providing academic intervention. We recognize the importance of building strong instructional relationships between our teachers and students. We actively recruit teachers from diverse backgrounds to help us better connect with students and create an inclusive learning environment. Our interventionists integrate culturally responsive teaching practices into their instruction. They adapt their approach to meet the diverse learning needs and preferences of students, fostering a positive and empowering learning experience for all.

How do you handle scheduling and session availability for students?

Scheduling and session availability is handled by our personable and efficient Online Education Mangers and our Customer Success Team. Communication with our team is easy through our online portal, convenient texting, and phone calls. You will always get a response from us the same day! Our scheduling is flexible and will work with the busy schedules of families to provide the utmost convenience. We can also work with each campus’ intervention schedules to support at all times of the school day and beyond. Learning support never stops with Bridge the Gap!

What curriculum do your interventionists use with students?

Bridge the Gap utilizes an internal research-based adaptive learning system to assess students’ proficiency and build an instructional plan that yields maximum student growth. Interventionists utilize the plan to guide each instructional session by targeting learning deficits and incorporating student interests for maximum engagement. Our adaptive learning path has been researched by a third-party and provides each student with 24/7 access to the asynchronous intervention through the BTG portal. Learning never stops with this inclusive feature! Students will be able to follow their learning path and strengthen their skills and understanding outside of the virtual classroom.

How do you address and resolve technical issues that may arise during instructional sessions?

Technical issues are handled promptly and efficiently by our dedicated technical support team. Our goal is to minimize disruptions and ensure smooth and uninterrupted learning experiences. Communicating with our Technical Support team is efficient and easy through our online portal, calling and texting options.

Do you have additional instructional features in your program?

Yes, in addition to intervention, we offer a range of supplementary features. This includes test preparation courses for standardized tests, enrichment programs for students seeking to explore advanced topics, and academic workshops on specific subjects or study skills. These additional offerings are designed to complement and augment the learning experience for your students. Our customization options are what set us apart from other programs!

How are students grouped?

Students are grouped per each campus’ directive. We offer one-on-one sessions, in addition to small groups. Our small group options can hold between two and six students, to ensure maximum growth and instructional experience.